Mahogany was built on the southern tip of Sulawesi Island in Indonesia, where the Bugis people have a proud maritime heritage dating back to the early spice trading days. They are known to be the best boat builders and sailors in the East Indies, and their skill became apparent to European sailors when they found their signature Pinissi boats were much faster over the waters of the area. They also became the feared pirates of the day, known as Bugisman, where the term “Boogeyman” originated. The Bugis boat builders have passed their skills down through generations, and they are the most highly regarded Indonesia boat builders to this day. Sumatran Surfariis has always paid homage to the traditional Indonesian styles, and we teamed up with some long-term guests to build a classic timber boat, Mahogany.

Sumatran Surfariis went all in to make The Hog the best she can be. We’ve dedicated a lot of time, money, and heart to create a beautiful, long-lasting wooden boat that became the ultimate surf travel vessel. Many regard her as the best wooden boat, and often the best boat overall, running trips in the islands. The attention to detail is astounding. She is the perfect blend of classic Bugis lines and intricate woodwork with modern amenities and proven performance in the Indian Ocean.

Mahogany was named in honor of the beautiful deep red colored timber found throughout Indonesia and used abundantly in her build, especially in her interior. Also, we’ve used teak and traditional ironwood outdoors, as they stand up better to the harshest elements. The incredibly strong hull and ability to run two masts provide a very stable ride. Cutting through the Indian Ocean on wind power alone is a wonderfully calm and smooth experience. Of course, having twin 400hp engines helps when you want to pick up the pace a bit.

Mahogany is our largest boat with more than ample space and bunks for 12 guests, though we usually cap it at 10 to keep the crowds in the lineups light. Mahogany is also well suited for families and couples, as she offers a combination of private air-conditioned double cabins as well as a larger dorm cabin. There are multiple locations to hunker down from the sun and enjoy the a/c indoors, including the roomy main salon. The U-shaped seating area protected by safety glass windows is great for communicating and checking out conditions. This salon also has a TV, stereo, library, game center, drinks fridges, and snacks to keep you entertained and well-fed.

Mahogany’s outdoor amenities are equally impressive to the inside ones. On the main deck, she has a large day bed area that captures all the breeze, yet gives you shaded views of the surf. We’ve also added a deck area to our large bowsprit with great views and another separate area to hang out and hopefully watch dolphins ride the bow wake. On the top deck, we have an additional dining area that seats up to 14 comfortably. On this level, she has another spacious deck you can use to stretch, chill out or watch the stars at night. And of course, you can take the ladder to the roof deck for daytime roof dives or completely unobstructed views of the night’s sky.

Mahogany’s amenities are too numerous to list. She is an absolutely top-shelf boat with a world-class crew. A trip on Mahogany is one you’ll never forget. We hope you’ll join us!

Year completed: 2014
Length: 85ft (26m)
Beam: 7.4m
Draft: 6ft (1.9m)
Speed: 8-10 knots
Engine: twin Mitsubishi 400hp
Generator: 2 * Mitsubishi PS120 35KVA
GPS and depth finder: Furuno
Radio: SSB * VHF, hand held VHF, satellite phone.

Sleeping quarters: 8 passengers in the dorm, 6 separate double/twin cabins, some of which will be used by crew
Minimum group: 9
Max group: 12

*The prices listed on the website are based on a group of 10. The cost per person will be modified for a full group wanting more or less than 10 guests.

TV, DVD, VCR, CD player in dining area, stereo amplifier upstairs for iPods, 2 boat rods, hand lines, spear gun, masks, snorkels and fins, magazines, books, board games.

Captain, mechanic, chef, 3 general crewmates, guide and photog.

Center starboard console with twin 115hp 4 stroke outboards.
Additional 4 person smaller tender with 25hp Yamaha 2 stroke.

4 bathrooms (2 of which have showers), large poop deck area with tarp pull downs for weather, fridge, stereo w/4 speakers, table and chairs, walk-on front top deck good for yoga and chilling, 2 ladders to go upstairs, both to Australian standard dimensions, main saloon with all the mod cons, big bowsprit that can comfortably have 4 guests on, duck board, large galley.


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What our guest are saying…

“The Best Trip Ever… G’day Scuzz,
How are you mate? I hope all has gone well for you. It’s been a week now that I’ve been home and l’m still surfed out from my time on the Mahogany.
I want to thank you and the crew for the amazing hospitality that you showed me. It truly is PARADISE up there and being able to experience it from aboard the Mahogany was the best possible way. I had a look at the secret left on YouTube, WOW what a sick wave that is. I definitely want to do another trip on the Mahogany with you and the crew in the future. Until next time Scuzz take care and say g’day to Soojut for me!”

Tinso • Australia

“To Danny and Scuzz,

Just wanted to say thank you. The trip on the Budyadhari was awesome. Jarrod had us on the surf and was not crowded. The crew on the boat was excellent. I did not expect the food to be as awesome as it was. Thank u again. Life changing trip!”

Tim OBrien • New Jersey

“The trip was so epic, thank you!! Scuzz and the crew were amazing, every little detail thought of and nailed and such a good happy vibe on board. Scuzz is a total jedi master legend. The food was unreal and the waves were incredible. Grant’s photos are beautiful. And the Mahogany was so spacious and comfotable – epic vessel. Thanks so much for making it happen. The boys are keen on another Scuzz + Mahogany trip in a couple of years so will get the ball rolling soon.”

Hugh Davis • Australia