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Below is some important information about Travelling to Sumarta and Travel Insurance.
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Travel & Flight info…

Currently, guests can access Minangkabau International Airport in Padang from Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Batam, and Medan. Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta are by far the most frequently used. We are always hopeful that direct flights from Singapore, a very popular and the most direct hub, will reappear. But as of the time of this typing, they are still unavailable.

Kuala Lumpur offers several flights daily on Air Asia. They usually charge a small fee for boards and luggage (you can find more information about their rates on this page HERE). Guests should allow at least 3 hours between their arrival into Kuala Lumpur and their flight out, as guests have had delays and missed flights. The heart of Kuala Lumpur is approximately 90 minutes from the airport, so please take that into account if you’re spending a night in town for a layover. There is a HOTEL AIRPORT operated by Air Asia for those who do not wish to go into the central city.

You may need to change terminals in Kuala Lumpur. ALL domestic and international Air Asia flights operate out of the Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT), which is approximately 15-20 minutes by car from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) Main Terminal Building. You should allocate ample time if you need to travel between the two airports for connecting flights. There is a shuttle bus (Nadi) that runs between the Main Terminal Building of KLIA and LCCT every 20 minutes. These feeder buses will wait at the curbside at the LCCT. The first trip from LCCT to KLIA MTB is at 5:55 am, and the last trip runs at 12:35 am midnight. The fare is RM1.50.

Jakarta has many different airlines servicing Padang, with Garuda being the most reliable and popular (and not surprisingly, slightly more expensive). Lion Air is the budget carrier but has experienced more delays and lost bags in the past. There are always several additional flight options that will come and go. Still, we always recommend sticking with the most reliable and well-known options. Many of you are traveling halfway around the world for your dream trip; you don’t want to be held up in the home stretch because you tried to save a few bucks on an already cheap flight.

Upon arrival in Jakarta, most guests will be arriving at the international terminal. To fly out from Jakarta to Padang, guests must transfer to the domestic terminal. This transfer can entail a relatively long walk or a short taxi ride/free shuttle that runs regularly and takes 5 minutes. Blue Bird and Silver Bird are the recommended taxis in Jakarta. If you decide to walk, this is one instance where the porters can be very helpful. It’s a longish hike, and guests must change floors, and it’s not exactly easy to navigate if you’ve never made this trip before. So, porters can help you carry your baggage and make sure you get to the correct destination. No more than two porters are necessary (one is usually enough), and a rough guide is 10,000 rupiah per bag per porter. For guests staying overnight in Jakarta, we recommend the FM7 HOTEL near the airport for everything you will need.

We kindly ask that your group tries to arrive and depart from Padang on the same flights or similar times. Doing so will help expedite pick-ups and drop-offs.

There is no longer a fee for your 30-day travel visa into Indonesia. If you are planning on staying longer than 30 days in Indonesia, you will need to apply for a 60-day visa at the Indonesian embassy closest to you.

Please try to have your group to arrive and depart from the same flights from Padang or similar times. Doing so will help expedite pick-ups and drop-offs.

You will also need to fill out an arrival card for immigration. The officer will stamp the card and tear off half. KEEP THE REMAINING HALF AND DO NOT LOSE IT.

Once through immigration, you will be bombarded with porters. They can be persistent, but they are entirely unnecessary. It is a very short walk, and our own Sumatran Surfariis team will help you with your gear. Our representatives will be holding Sumatran Surfariis signs so you can easily identify them.

Our couriers will take you and your baggage from the airport to our offices. These drivers are our guys and are safe. The driving on Padang roads is often shocking and scary to those who have never experienced it. But please rest assured that our drivers have your utmost safety in mind.

In the rare case that the drivers are not there for your arrival, please contact the following numbers:

Rizal (ground transportation manager): +628116605163
Office: +62751891633

In these rare cases, it may be most expeditious to use a taxi. Please let the taxi drivers know you are with Sumatran Surfariis and provide them the following address:

Sumatran Surfariis
Komplek Indah B12
Parak Gadang
Padang East

Once you’re at our office, it won’t be long before you can get a cold drink and chill out. But before you get too settled in, we will need three photocopies of your passport. Also note, if you are arriving later than the rest of your group, it is a huge help to have three copies of your passport ready so that we can take you straight to the boat.

Our team will be in the office to say hi and welcome you. The drivers will handle all your boards and bags, and shortly after arrival, they will transport your larger items to the boat. We recommend keeping your small bag with your passport and money with you at all times. If there is something special you need from your large bags for immediate use, please transfer it to your small bag at the office. Your boards and gear will be safe with our crew. But if you feel more comfortable carrying them, that’s fine, too.

While at the office, it’s good to consider if you want to purchase extra beer or specialty items before your trip. Free WIFI is available in the office, and there are tee shirts and small gifts you can buy. You can order food and drinks, crash out on one of the big couches, or go for a walk around the area. If you decide to leave the office, please wear a tee shirt and please be considerate of the neighbors.

Once onboard, all drinking water, three meals per day, snacks, three beers, three juices, and three soft drinks per day per person come included in the price of your charter. Any other expenses such as hotel, phone calls, extra drinks, dinners while in Padang, or miscellaneous purchases are to be covered by you. Our drivers will take you to the market or anywhere in Padang, free of charge.

The only accepted currency in Padang is Indonesian Rupiah. We can change U.S. dollars or Australian dollars at our office. Banks in Padang are only open until 2 pm (weekdays). There is a map on our whiteboard to guide you to local banks.

All our boats anchor at the Bungus harbor, which is an additional 45 minutes from our offices (it’s roughly 90 minutes total from the airport to our fleet). We like to leave the office by 5 pm so we can begin the crossing with ample time to reach the first waves around daybreak the following morning.

We have used surfboards for sale in our office. The sizes, qualities, and quantities vary over time. Still, if you’re short a board upon arrival in Padang, there is a good chance we have something that will work for you in our office.

There are many choices for staying in Padang when flights don’t match up with your trip’s arrival and departure dates. Below are just a few options.

Axana Hotel – Hotel Axana is the newly built hotel on the old Ambacang property. It is very comfortable with plenty of amenities at a reasonable price. This hotel is very central, and the most significant portion of our guests stay here. For current pricing and availability, please visit their website HERE.


Hotel Pangeran – Hotel Pangeran is currently the premiere hotel in Padang. Close to the airport and right on the beach, this hotel offers a swimming pool, massages, Satellite TV, Internet, and a/c. This hotel is about 10-15 minutes by taxi from the center of Padang. For current pricing and availability, please visit their website HERE.

Plan B Hotel – For those not fussed with a pool but are more interested in the nightlife, Plan B is a cheaper option. Located centrally and within walking distance to everything, Plan B offers everything that Hotel Pangeran offers without the pool. For current pricing and availability, please visit the following website HERE.


Travel insurance is MANDATORY, and your policy must include MEDICAL EVACUATION. Please bring your policy details with you on your trip. We advise you to purchase travel insurance when you pay your deposit or book flights. Purchasing travel insurance as early as possible will cover you for unforeseen circumstances that may arise before your trip. Please check your policy, as travel problems (lost baggage, damaged boards, missed flights, etc.) are much more common than actual injuries that occur on the trip.

We have a few recommendations for travel insurance companies below:

Travel Insurance

Yes,travel insurance is MANDATORY and your policy must include MEDICAL EVACUATION. Please ensure to bring your policy details with you. We advise that you take out travel insurance when you pay your deposit or book flights, as this will cover you for unforeseen circumstances that may arise prior to your trip. Please check your policy, as travel problems are much more common than actual injuries on the actual trip.

We have a few recommendations for travel insurance companies below:

You can also visit our FAQ’s page for further information HERE.