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What our guest are saying…

“The most impressive thing about our trip was the skill and knowledge of the captain. We always seemed to be at the right spot at the right time, every time. Other boats would arrive hours or days later and miss epic waves. “You should have been here a few hours ago” was a common saying to surfers from other boats, when they finally arrived. Our captain knew when and where it was going off like a true local. Thanks Chris for an unforgettable trip.

I’m now addicted, see you next year.”

Andy Gannan • Australia

“With waves that good and with guides like that your surfing just improves so much, just mindblowing.

I wouldn’t choose any other charter, that’s the truth.”

Dave Strudwick • New Zealand

“Coming from Hawaii we’re spoiled with waves, but the trip on Afrika I scored the best waves of my life. I’m also a vegetarian and they cooked meals just for me, great captain, great crew.”

Matthew Corigliano • Kauai