Some eye candy…

Sumatran Surfariis

Sometimes still photos just don’t show the full story, and all our photographers now work with video as well. The videos below are just a few from our more recent trips.

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What our guest are saying…

“Before I went to the Mentawais I had no idea there were waves this good anywhere in the world. We’d wake up to perfect warm and uncrowded surf every frickin day, it was outahand! I’d come out of a barrel and think it was the best barrel of my life only to get a better one on my next wave.

The food was unreal, and Chris made the trip complete. Even though there are bigger, more expensive boats in the islands, I wouldn’t want to go back on another boat without Scuzz.”

Jason Lesh • Santa Barbara, CA

“Hi Danny, I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help in getting the Indo trip set up. I had a stellar time and am already looking at dates to go again. I am thinking October, March next year and Sept./Oct. next year. You may think I am kidding, but I am definitely not.”

Rob Phillips • California

“Hello Danny, I’m really happy to say that all us who went agree that it was the best surf trip we’ve ever done! Aki did a great job finding the best waves, taking great photos, and generally getting along well and having a great time with all of us. We had good quality waves nearly every day – head high Burgurs – overhead Macca’s – several good days at Lances Left and HT’s ranging from 1 metre to well overhead. We can’t beleive our luck and we’re all keen to do it again.

We’re bound to be speaking again in the not too distant future.”

Pete Johnston • Australia