Let us show you how
amazing a boat trip can be…

Let us show you how amazing a boat trip can be…

this amazing…


Since 1998, we have continually provided surfers from around the world with the adventures of their lives.

Sumatran Surfariis is one of the longest-running independent surf charter operators for the islands of Mentawais and Northern Sumatra. Our boat trips cover any and all nooks of the Mentawais, Telos, Nias, Hinakos, and Banyaks, and we’ve recently begun custom trips that travel even further north or south. Our experience and willingness to look around every bend is what sets us apart from the competition. There are still many places you can surf out here alone if you have the knowledge, ambition to travel further, and ability to think outside the box. There are places for chargers, places for carvers, and places that won’t cut you up when you go over the falls. There are also many chances to slip into those well-known and rightfully famous waves for a quiet session or two if you know how to plan it right.

We have taken this knowledge and hard work and built it into our boats, our crews, our office, and our service. We are proud to have an extensive family of long-term return guests that continually help make Sumatran Surfariis what it is today. But there are a few other things that set us apart from charter operators as well:

  • We are all dedicated surfers.
  • We, too, want to surf alone.
  • We want to see you happy, stoked, and improve your surfing.
  • And, most important, we want you to have fun on your vacation. It’s all bagus!

Regardless of your age or skill level, we can tailor a surf trip to your specific needs and desires. Please take a look around our website, and feel free to contact one of our experienced sales representatives at any time if you have questions.

Terima kasih!!

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Check out our boats…

We are the sole operators and owners of three charter boats: Southern Cross, Budyadahri, and Mahogany. Our boats are built in traditional Indonesian style, which adds to the authenticity of your adventure. All our boats are large and spacious, offering lots of covered deck space, and they come equipped with all the modern amenities. You’ll be very comfortable and very well taken care of by our crew who have many years of experience running trips in these waters.


What our guest are saying…

“Hey Danny, just wanted to let you know how great the trip was. We scored some great uncrowded waves, thanks to Yu always putting us at the right break. Food was awesome, Eddy is a legend in the kitchen. Rido always with a smile running us back and forth to waves in the tender. Even had beers with Scuzz at Roxys. There is no doubt that SS is the best run charter business in Indo. Thanks so much!”

Bill Geary • California

“Hello Danny, what a trip! Still in a haze, but that was an amazing experience. The waves we surfed, the boat, the crew, Scuzz, etc, etc. Thank you! My brother and I were laying in our hotel room beds in Singapore discussing the many, many high points of the trip. Thank you and also a big thank you to Scuzz. His personality with his stoke, calm demeanor, stories, knowledge and thoughtfulness made this trip truly amazing. Thank you.”

Andrew MacBeth • California

“Thanks scuzzy for your enthusiasm and encouragement I was totally shagged after the 10days here is a photo that all and sundry think is photo shopped.”

James Walker-Powell • Australia

Our destinations…

While our primary focus over the years has been the Mentawais and North Sumatra, we’ve explored everywhere from the very tip of Aceh down through mainland Java. Our travels have taken us around Panitan Island, through the Sunda Straits, along the points of Enganno and Southern Sumatra, up the mighty Sumatran mainland, past Simeulue and to the northernmost points of the island. We’ve seen it all, and we’ve have kept detailed logs of our travels along the way. We’ve also managed to maintain quite a few secrets over the years, and the only people we share them with are our guests. Many of these secrets are in our standard Mentawais and North Sumatran runs, but with enough time and planning, we can show you adventures you’ve likely never seen in magazines or video clips.


Our family…

We all love Sumatra, and this is our home. We aren’t a new crew just out to exploit this area to make a buck – we are all SURFERS with an extensive background in creating the most amazing trips to these areas while being respectful to everyone we come across. Our guides come several different parts of the world, including Australia, USA, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, and Brazil. Most of our all-Indo crewmates have many years, in some cases decades, of experiences in these waters and on our boats. Our cooks are outstanding and will provide you with a wide variety of nutritious and delicious meals. Each of our charters has a world class photographer/videographer who will document your dream trip for a very reasonable price. We will all look after you very well so all you need to focus on surfing and enjoying your beautiful surroundings.


Check out our schedule and book you trip…

Sumatran Surfariis has always chosen to do longer trips so we can travel further and surf more than just the most popular waves. Our standard-length charter is typically 2- 3 full surf days longer than the most operators. Those extra days allow you to surf more waves than anyone, get the next swell, see the next point, the next island, reel in the wahoo, and get the backside pig dog wired. And we’re always excited to do even longer trips, as our schedule allows, so we can keep searching for that next secret around the corner.