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Sumatran Surfariis

Please note that posted rates include essentially EVERYTHING you need on your boat trip, including the new Mentawai government “surf tax.” For a list of what “everything” covers, please see HERE.

Our standard trip length is usually 12-14 nights, and the rates you see vary accordingly. We’ve designed our schedule with enough flexibility to customize the length and start/end dates to best suit your needs. If you’re price shopping, please factor in length and inclusions. On a night-by-night basis, we offer the best value for our boats in terms of quality, size, amenities, and crew experience.

What our guest are saying…

“We wrapped up our trip yesterday and back to reality today. Just wanted to say thanks very much for putting together overall a great trip. The boat was very comfortable. The Boat’s crew and Manu were all great, very experienced, knowledgeable and worked well together as a good team and happy to go out of their way to help us out when we each had our challenges. The food was epic and no shortage of it either! Manu’s Local Knowledge of the islands were key in getting us good waves everyday with the swell and wind. He had a plan but consulted us most of the time to see what we wanted and made us feel part of it the whole time. The Photos he took were also great and glad we have those to take with us. Also thanks to you two guys for dealing with us crew over email, info, payments etc, much appreciated. Im sure thats a full time job in itself.”

Adam Cann • Australia

“I am jet lagged as f** and back at work, starring into my computer screen, but just wanted to thank you two for setting another dream trip. Not sure if you chatted with Grant or Trav yet, but we scored hard and pushed our surfing comfort zone. I got the waves of my life at Lances Right and scared the sh*t out of myself at Rags Right. I got to watch my brother stomp late drops at Thunders (he’s a goofy). I got as close to ‘Chopes as I ever want to get at that left on the backside of (shhshh) – I have never pulled back from so many lefts in my life (hard to find an entry on some of those buggars!). I was also super stoked to see the exact same boat crew working the ‘Hog. I think that is a testament that the business is taking good care of them (impressive to have that little employee churn!) – keep it up!”

Zander Kirkland • San Francisco

“Bro… what a truly awesome trip. Food and crew were fucking amazing. Yu was sublime with his calls and timing.

Big thanks!”

Benny Tatton • New Zealand